Øigardseter to Putten Seter
Photos by Yngve Ask /
Cross-country in Dovre - Rondane


Dec - Apr

Elevation gain:

130 m


6 km/3-5 hrs

Difficulty level:

Ski from cabin to cabin in while taking in the rewarding views of Rondane
Øigardseter to Putten Seter

Historic Øigardseter with its protected houses and mountain pastures is the starting point of this family-friendly skiing that takes you along the ski trail to Putten Seter. In course of its 6 kilometers, the trail takes you through terrain with astonishing views of the mountains of Jotunheimen and Dovre. 

You enter grounds that have inspired numerous Norwegian painters, writers, and composers with its beautiful and imposing nature. It used to be dominated by mountain farms, but since the end of the 19th-century tourism has come to be one of the defining characters of the area.

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