Børrenøse at Filefjell
Photos by Ida Ask
Snowshoeing in Valdres & Jotunheimen


Dec - Apr

Elevation gain:

330 m


5 km/1-1.5 hrs

Difficulty level:

Fantastic view over Tyin-Filefjell and Jotunheimen from Børrenøse.
Snowshoeing with Tyin Aktiv
Børrenøse at Filefjell

Snowshoeing is for everyone! 

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Places to stay

Filefjellstuene is located 900 m.a.s.l, by the old «King's Road» connecting East and West.
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Some of our recommended roundtrips and signature adventures includes Børrenøse at Filefjell.
Stay ten days in Norway, and experience some of the best active winter adventures there is!
10 days
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