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Hiking & Trekking in Dovre - Rondane
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Jun - Oct

Elevation gain:

880 m


17 km/8-10 hrs

Difficulty level:

Reach the top of one of Rondane’s less traveled peaks

Even amongst Norwegians Bråkdalsbelgen in Rondane National Park is not terribly well known. This is mostly because it falls just short of the magic 2,000 meter mark by just 85 meters. But rest assured that this peak is just as fun as its more famous neighbors like Rondslottet and Veslesmeden

From the top there are views over Rondane including the fascinating Verkilsdalen valley. Jotunheimen National Park can be seen in the distance.

Although it is possible to do this hike from Mysusæter the more common option is to start from Smuksjøseter by Høvringen. This hike also takes you to the Peer Gynt Cabin where you can stop and enjoy a Norwegian waffle.

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