Photos by Nadja Kroon
Hiking & Trekking in Dovre - Rondane


Jun - Oct

Elevation gain:

190 m


9 km/3-4 hrs

Difficulty level:

Visit Brudesløret waterfall at the edge of Rondane NP

The river Ula runs from Rondvatnet inside Rondane National Park and southwards down to Otta and the Gudbrandsdal valley. On the way, it plummets down some great waterfalls like Ulafossen and Brudesløret. 

Brudesløret is particularly beautiful, not because the waterfall is very large, but because as a backdrop to the waterfall you have the Rondane mountains. 

You can also access Brudesløret from Spranget parking lot which is situated right at the edge of Rondane National Park. Follow the river down from the parking lot. This make a shorter hike of only 2-3 km round trip. 

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Places to stay

Rondane Høyfjellshotell is a traditional mountain hotel located right on the border of Rondane National Park, the oldest national park in Norway.
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