Fishing in Dovre - Rondane
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Jun - Aug

Elevation gain:

300 m


7 km/1.5-2 hrs

Difficulty level:

Hiking and fishing with the entire family

A trip to the three small Hårrtjønnin lakes, also known as Harrtjern, is a relaxing hiking adventure for the entire family. Make sure to bring a fishing rod, as there are a lot of trout to fish. The northern lake is said to be the best for fishing, but all lakes have plenty of fish and do not require a fishing license. For an extra “koselig”, cozy, time bring coffee and hot cocoa to make over the open fire.

The terrain to the lakes is rather flat and the shores are surrounded by fine rocks rather than sand. Be aware the lakes are rather popular in the summer months and freeze over during the winter. 

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