Photos by Petter Olsen
Hiking & Trekking in Valdres & Jotunheimen


Jun - Oct

Elevation gain:

540 m


16 km/6-9 hrs

Difficulty level:

Discover glacial waters and soaring peaks

Hiking from Eidsbugarden to Mjølkedalsbreen Glacier allows you to experience a diverse mountain landscape. Observe how rapidly the vegetation changes as you ascend from the lush shrubs at Eidsbugarden to the bare peaks surrounding Store Mjølkedalsvatnet Lake. Here you'll experience a morainic landscape shaped by the powerful glacier.

Mjølkedalsbreen Glacier is situated in the famous Jotunheimen National Park. "Jotun" is an old Norse word for "giant," thus Jotunheimen means the home of giants. Hiking among the magnificent peaks surrounding the glacier, you'll understand why.

The trail is well-marked, ascending gradually the first 3 kilometers up to a plateau facing Store Mjølkedalsvatnet Lake. If wishing a less demanding hike, descend from here, as the view from the plateau is in itself is worth the effort. The path continuing to the glacier lacks markings and becomes rocky. If proceeding, it's essential to watch your step and follow the map closely. 

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Places to stay

Situated at 1065 m.a.s.l. by the end of a winter-closed road, the Bygdin Mountain lodge offers spectacular views towards the Jotunheimen National Park.
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Filefjellstuene is located 900 m.a.s.l, by the old «King's Road» connecting East and West.
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