Peer Gynt Loop
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Hiking & Trekking in Dovre - Rondane
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Jun - Oct

Elevation gain:

150 m


8 km/3.5-4.5 hrs

Difficulty level:

Hike a piece of Rondane National Park from Smuksjøseter
Peer Gynt Loop

This loop taking you from Smuksjøseter by Høvringen to the Peer Gynt cabin in Rondane National Park is a perfect starter for hikes around Høvringen. The trail is easy to hike and highlights why so many people enjoy hiking in Rondane. 

The trail is clear and has no steep sections or other difficulty areas. There are great views all around, including a glimpse of the range of peaks hovering 2,000 meters above sea level further inside the national park. 

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