Photos by Jan Egil Jægersborg
Cycling in Geilo - Hardangervidda


Jun - Sep

Elevation gain:

560 m


52 km/6-7 hrs

Difficulty level:

Norway’s most beautiful bike route

Rallarvegen brings you from the rocky and bare mountains in Finse, to lush landscapes at sea level of Flåm in just under 6 hours. This route is not only a spectacular bike ride but also a journey through history. The trail starting point is actually at Haugastøl, but the most popular route is from Finse to Flåm.

Always pay attention to the weather report, as you will be traveling from the high mountains to sea level. It may be well below 8°C in Finse, but by the time you reach Flåm the temperature can be about 22°C. The biking season of this route varies every year and is dependent on the snow.

Rallarvegen is a transport road designed to support the construction of “Bergensbanen” railway. In 1894, the Norwegian Parliament decided that a railway connection between Bergen and Oslo (at the time known as Christiania) was needed, and ended up choosing the mountain range that split southern Norway in two, as the crossing point.

See How to Cycle the Rallarvegen Bike Route for a complete guide to tackling Rallarvegen.

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Places to stay

Vestlia Resort is a full service resort situated in the cozy mountain-village of Geilo, halfway between Oslo and Bergen.
25 km away
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Bardøla is a classic mountain hotel in the heart of Geilo. The hotel is beautifully situated within walking distance from the city centre of Geilo.
25 km away
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Dr. Holms Hotel has been a source of recuperation, comfort and well-being for over 100 years, and this hotel is the perfect base to access the sights, adventures and activities in the area.
25 km away
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