Photos by Paul A. Lockhart
Cycling in Hallingdal


Jun - Nov

Elevation gain:

20 m


1 km/0-0.5 hrs

Difficulty level:

Fun bike trail for
Skurfen is a newly built bikingtrail, as a 1 km detour to Ustedalsfjorden Round. The name Skurfen is chosen because a "skurfer" was someone who were looking for or who found iron ore. In the area where the trail is built, there are lot of remains of iron mining. Let your bike follow Skurfen along its curves and bumbs, and play with the felling of being weightless. The trail is built to outlast rain without being slippery or muddy. The trail is well suited both for kids and enduro enthusiasts.
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Places to stay

Bardøla is a classic mountain hotel in the heart of Geilo. The hotel is beautifully situated within walking distance from the city centre of Geilo.
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Vestlia Resort is a full service resort situated in the cozy mountain-village of Geilo, halfway between Oslo and Bergen.
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Highland Lodge is a full service Lodge situated in the centre of the mountain-village Geilo, halfway between Oslo and Bergen.
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Extend your adventure

Some of our recommended roundtrips and signature adventures includes Skurfen.
Go on a cycling holiday in the mountains of Norway, and experience that tremendous sense of freedom you get from traveling around on two wheels.
10 days
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