Photos by Martin I. Dalen
Hiking & Trekking in Dovre - Rondane
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Jul - Sep

Elevation gain:

820 m


12 km/4-5 hrs

Difficulty level:

Stortoppen ruver på Dovrefjell.
Tackle the famous Dovrefjell mountain from Snøheim cabin

Snøhetta rises to 2,286 metres above sea level, the highest point in Norway outside of Jotunheimen National Park. On a sunny day, the route to the top is a popular hike with views of the surrounding Dovrefjell mountain range and beyond.

The mountain has four peaks. This hike leads to Stortoppen which marks the mountain’s highest point. From there, the nearest peak is Midttoppen which can also be easily reached. Next are Hettpiggen and Vesttoppen, which cannot be accessed on this hike. To get to Vesttoppen, there is another trail that leads in from the south.

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