Photos by Thor Østbye
Hiking & Trekking in Valdres & Jotunheimen


Jun - Nov

Elevation gain:

450 m


5 km/1.5-2.5 hrs

Difficulty level:

View the south, towards Bygdin hotel and Bitihorn Mountain.
Experience excellent views of Jotunheimen and Bygdin Lake

The name Synshorn says something about what you should expect at the top of the hike, as “syn” means “sight” in Norwegian. From the 1457-meter high peak, you’ll have a magnificent view of the surrounding Jotunheimen peaks and Bygdin Lake. In the east, you’ll see Vinsteren Lake and the gentler mountains of the municipality of Øystre Slidre. 

The trail is relatively easy to climb, taking you through a variety of terrain from rocks and loose gravel to soft moss. 

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Places to stay

Situated at 1065 m.a.s.l. by the end of a winter-closed road, the Bygdin Mountain lodge offers spectacular views towards the Jotunheimen National Park.
1 km away
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