Tour de Dovre - The family route
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Cycling in Dovre - Rondane


Jun - Oct

Elevation gain:

300 m


30 km/96-120 hrs

Difficulty level:

Cycle the family-friendly bike trail over the colourful Dovre mountain
Tour de Dovre - The family route

Go on a bike ride up in the Norwegian mountains more or less free from car traffic and experience lush greens and hillsides in red, brown and grey along sparkling blue waters. From Dombås the trail takes you up to the Dovre mountain where you will have the Dovre national park to the one side and the Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella national park to the other. The trail is also known as the King’s Road since the Danish-Norwegian kings would ride through here on their way to Trondheim for their coronation ceremonies.

On your bike ride you might catch a glimpse of some muskoxen. After finding fossils of muskoxen scientists were inspired to bring the animal back to Dovre and so there has been a herd of them there since 1947. The muskoxen are usually not too interested in humans, but to avoid an unpleasant meeting keep a distance of at least 200 meters from the animal.

The ride is classified as being of medium difficulty, mainly because of the steep ascent at the beginning and because of its length, but can still be taken on by children as well as adults. It is possible to divide the trip into several days by spending a night or two at one of the cabins or camping sites along the way. If you wish to return to Dombås on the same day, but your time and energy is scarce, you could also bike one of the ways and take the train between Dombås and Hjerkinn the other way.

The recommended time to go on this adventure is from June to October. You'd might be able to go earlier, depending on whether there is snow on the roads or not, so check the weather forecast before you go. The weather can change pretty quickly up here, so wear several layers of clothing and be prepared in case of rain.

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