Tour de Dovre roundtrip
Cycling in Dovre - Rondane


Jun - Oct

Elevation gain:

1340 m


129 km/96-120 hrs

Difficulty level:

Follow the trail of kings over the lush Dovre mountain on bike
Tour de Dovre roundtrip

Inhale the fresh mountain air while biking through historic sights and stunning nature over the Dovrefjell plateau and through the Grimsdalen valley. Tour de Dovre offers views of both green, luxuriant valleys and majestic mountains glazed with snow, as well as shimmering lakes and rushing rivers. The weather can change pretty quickly up here, so wear several layers of clothing and be prepared in case of rain.

On your way you might come across wildlife such as reindeer and cattle as you’re riding past mountain pastures on the King’s Road. There’s been human activity in the area for thousands of years - from the first hunters roaming the plains, to the farmers bringing their cattle up to the mountains to grass in the summer and to the Danish-Norwegian kings travelling through the valley on their way to their coronation ceremony in Trondheim. 

The bike ride is classified as being of medium difficulty since there are some steep ascents involved and because of the length of the tour. Undertaking the whole round in one day is only recommended for people in very good shape, who are used to biking long distances. Also bear in mind the lessening number of hours of sunlight later in the year, if you ride in September or October. If you divide your trip into several days, there are many cabins and camping spots on the way offering accommodation.

If you wish to return to Dombås on the same day, but your time and energy is scarce, you could also take the train between Dombås and Hjerkinn one way.

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