Viewpoint Trollhøe
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Snowshoeing in Lillehammer & Gudbrandsdalen


Apr - Dec

Elevation gain:

560 m


9 km/3-4 hrs

Difficulty level:

Hike up to Trollhøe viewpoint for views of three national parks
Viewpoint Trollhøe

Trollhøe is a peak located between Lemonsjø and Tesse, not far from Jotunheimen National Park. The wide-ranging view from the top is encompasses three national parks; Jotunheimen in the west, Rondane in the east and Dovre to the north.

At the top stands a disk containing the directions and names of 39 nearby peaks. 

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Places to stay

Lemonsjø is a mountain lodge situated at the south end of the beautiful Lemonsjøen lake in the heart of Jotunheimen.
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Extend your adventure

Some of our recommended roundtrips and signature adventures includes Viewpoint Trollhøe.
Rondane and the Sjodalen valley near Jotunheimen offers some of the best snowshoeing adventures in the Norwegian mountains.
8 days
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