Borgund to Seltun
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Hiking & Trekking in Valdres & Jotunheimen


Apr - Nov

Elevation gain:

250 m


9 km/3.5-5 hrs

Difficulty level:

Vindhellavegen, a real masterpiece.
Hike Vindhellavegen from Borgund to Seltun
Borgund to Seltun

The trek from Borgund to Seltun begins at the Borgund Stave Church and takes you through the infamous Vindhellavegen. These starting and ending points are the most profound attractions along Konvegevegen. Borgund Stave Church takes you back to 10th century Norway while Vindhellavegen is a masterpiece from the 19th century.

The Day 3 trek, Filefjell, ended in Borlaug and that is where the day 4 adventure begins. Since the hike from Borlaug to Seltun is by far one of the longest, and a majority of the hike follows an asphalt road, it is recommended that you either jump ahead to the trailhead in Borgund or split the adventure into two days.

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Places to stay

Filefjellstuene is located 900 m.a.s.l, by the old «King's Road» connecting East and West.
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