Danebu Kongsgaard
Photos by Danebu Kongsgaard
A perfect place to find peace and recharge
Since 1950

Danebu Kongsgaard is a mountain hotel situated in the middle of Valdres's beautiful mountain landscape with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A place where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and delicious dining experiences from local produce. Nature shapes a beautiful setting around your stay with wonderful soft hiking opportunities right outside the door. Danebu is a place where you can relax and recharge. A private atmosphere where you want to invite friends, family or colleagues to a celebration, conversation, work or just be together.

Delicious dining experiences from local produce. In the restaurant at Danebu Kongsgaard you can enjoy delicious food based on local ingredients, made by local chefs. Everything that is served is made from scratch and should be on the premises of nature. If the raw materials are not to be found in the immediate area, organic Norwegian producers are always emphasized. At Danebu, their hearts go into delicious dining experiences. All food and beverages both look and taste incredible.

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2910 Aurdal


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Specially recommended for

Perfect for those seeking an active vacation. 

Quiet escapes

Perfect for those looking for tranquility and peace, combined with stunning nature. 

Meet the hosts at Danebu Kongsgaard

The historic mountain pearl

Danebu Kongsgaard was originally a gift from the people of Norway to the people of Denmark, as a thank you for helping out after World War 2. The initiator, P. Car. Andersen, suggested the idea of a fundraising right after the war, and the Norwegian Ski Association carried out the idea and started a national fundraising. It was a tremendous success with thousands of small and large contributions, and as early as August 1945 The Norwegian skiers association was able to present The Danish Sports Association with the gift certificate for The Danish Cottage. It was architect H. Astrup together with Colonel Bloch-Hansen, who found the stunning site at the top of Aurdalsåsen in Valdres. After an architectural competition, won by Esben Poulsson, Danebu was built in the years 1947-50.

The hosts at Danebu Kongsgaard are Norwegian Malene Tuv Sandvik and German Pascal Gross. After living several years in England and in Germany, they moved to Danebu Kongsgaard in January 2020 to take part in the development of the mountain pearl. With the help of a great team of co-workers and a passion for tourism, hospitality and service development, their vision is to make Danebu Kongsgaard feel like your second home. A place where you can relax, find peace and recharge. 

Doorstep adventures

Situated at 1000 m.a.s.l., with a stunning view over the valley of Valdres, Jotunheimen and the Hemsedal mountains, you can enjoy a variety of soft adventures from the hotel’s doorstep.

The trail to Bjørgovarden takes you through a serene mountain landscape, passing through forests and alongside lakes. Enjoy the spectacular view of the 2000-met…
15 km 5-6h
The trail to Fjellstølfjellet grants you expansive views of a diverse mountain landscape, traveling past several smaller peaks and viewpoints along the way. Beg…
10 km 5-6h
The trail to Binnhovdknatten (1,165 m.a.s.l.) takes you through forests and agricultural landscapes, passing several lakes along the way. Having crossed the tre…
12 km 3.5-4h
Fjellenden is an easily accessible and popular peak close to Danebu Kongsgård Hotel. From the top, you’ll have sweeping views of the 2000-meter high mountains o…
6 km 3-4h
Vardeberget was originally one of many places in the Valdres region where a fire would be lit as a beacon signaling incoming intruders. Today most hikers go up …
5 km 2-3h

Rooms & amenities

Danebu is well renown for their comfortable rooms and stunning views. The hotel has 32 rooms in total; 14 double rooms, 16 family rooms and 2 double rooms with a family bunk bed. The hotel has a well equipped fitness room, sauna, lounge with an open fire and a free wifi.
Cosy rooms and excellent food
32 rooms

Danebu has 32 rooms in total: 16 family rooms, 14 double rooms and 2 double rooms with a family bunk bed.


Each room, the lounge and the library have free WiFi. Stay connected and share your adventures.

Local food

You can enjoy delicious food based on local ingredients, made by local chefs. Everything that is served is made from scratch and should be on the premises of nature.


Located in the beautiful mountain landscape of Valdres, you can enjoy a beautiful scenery and excellent soft adventure right at the doorstep.

Getting here

Traveling to Danebu Kongsgaard
By car

Danebu Kongsgaard is located in the middle of beautiful Valdres, about 180 km from Oslo and about 20 km from Fagernes. From Oslo you follow E16 road towards Fagernes. At the intersection on E16 by Aurdal church, drive left (from the north) or right (from the south) and follow the signs to Valdres Alpinsenter and then to Danebu. Along the last part, you will need 20 NOK in cash (or 30 NOK if you pay by credit card) to access the road up to the mountain.

Public transport

Multiple bus departures with the Valdresekspressen bus line from Oslo Bus Terminal and OSL Airport to Fagernes available daily (3 hours). From Bergen/Flåm it is one bus departure daily, with the Øst-Vest Ekspressen bus line. Check timetables and book tickets on: Danebu offers affordable local transfers from the bus station by Aurdal church.