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Showcasing what the Norwegian mountains have to offer

Mountains of Norway is a collaborative initiative between several destinations in the Norwegian mountain region. We're here to develop, promote and facilitate great mountain based adventures in cooperation with European tour operators.

Meet the team
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Who's behind?

1.Visit Geilo AS

Under the powerful and majestic Hallingskarvet, with the endless Hardangervidda plains in the west, you will find the national park village of Geilo.

2.Visit Valdres AS

The beautiful region of Valdres extends from lush and green valleys in the south, to Jotunheimen’s spectacular mountains in the north.

3.Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS

Nasjonalparkriket (The National Park Region) covers the northern part of the Gudbrandsdalen valley, a region that contains a total of 6 national parks.

How we work
Showcasing and matchmaking Our main job is to be a matchmaker between our suppliers and tour operators abroad, with a long-term goal of strengthening the adventure-based tourism in our mountain region. As part of this, we also hold regular fam-trips to showcase what we have to offer.
Tailor-making We're more than happy to help tour operators with the development of new adventures in the Norwegian mountains. We can help you tailor-make an itinerary on request, and connect you with the relevant suppliers - or one of our incoming tour operators if that's preferable.
Non-profit and no fees Mountains of Norway is a non-profit member based organization. Our services are already paid for by our owners and suppliers, and are therefore totally free of charge for tour operators, with no commissions or fees involved.
Available for tour operators

High quality marketing material

Relaxing in Grimsdalen.

High quality photos and films are essential to showcase what our mountains can offer, and we make a lot of effort to keep our media libraries up to date with fresh material for your convenience.

Image bank Mountains of Norway has an extensive image bank where you can find images of all places to stay and the different adventures we promote. The images may be used free of charge to promote our accommodations and adventures as long as they are credited correctly.

Films We also have a growing archive of video footage from selected trips and signature adventures, which may also be used freely for promotional purposes. Looking for something in particular? Get in touch, and we'll get things sorted for you. 

Meet the team

Glenn Roar Berge

Glenn Roar is responsible for the sales of our summer based products, and the first point of contact for tour operators.

Glenn Roar Berge
CEO & Sales Manager Summer +47 901 54 418
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Annette A. Flaten

Annette is responsible for the sales of our winter based products, and the first point of contact for tour operators.

Annette A. Flaten
Product Manager Winter 911 03 336
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Ida Ask

Ida is in charge of all our marketing and PR efforts, including our image & film bank and website, as well as press coverage and social media campaigns.

Ida Ask
Marketing & PR +47 920 90 002
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