Home of the Musk Ox Dovre & Rondane
Calm landscape with rounded peaks
History, nature and great food

Rondane was the first National Park in Norway, listed in 1962. Today, it covers an area of almost 1,000 square kilometres in the counties of Oppland and Hedmark.

When you get above the tree line at Rondane & Dovre, you are greeted by endless expanses of heather and moss and shrubbery in a variety of faded colors, with tall and barren peaks rising up above. The highest one is Rondeslottet at 2,178 m.a.s.l., one of ten peaks that reach beyond 2,000 meters in height.

Some of the best ways to experience the area are by hiking, off-road biking, horse riding, rafting and river kayaking. Much of the food in the lodges and hotels in the area is made from local ingredients like mushrooms and berries from the highlands, fish from the lakes, as well as moose, and reindeer from the oldest wild herd in the country.

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Why choose Dovre & Rondane
Innumerable hiking opportunities This area offers innumerable hiking opportunities, from day-trips to hill-walks lasting for several days.
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Gems In this region you can experience a varied landscape with botanical, zoological, botanical and cultural historical gems.
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Enjoy local food Much of the food in the lodges and hotels in the area is made from local ingredients.


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