Sjodalen Hyttetun & Camping
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Escape the noise and stress of everyday life
A forest cabin retreat

Sjodalen Hyttetun & Camping is located next to the beautiful Sjoa rafting river, right off the main road. The location comes with a lovely view of the scenic route Valdresflya, Besseggen mountain ridge and the mighty 2000m peaks of Jotunheimen national park. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and get a clear view of the stars without any light pollution. The forest provides shelter from the cold and brisk wind above treeline, which can be felt as just a gentle breeze at Sjodalen camp site.

There is a wide range of family activities on offer throughout the year, with a fairytale forest path surrounding the campsite (Sagaskogen), an outdoor escape room (Saga 61°N), dogsledding, and plenty of forest trails to explore by foot or on snowshoes.

Farm visits, rafting and fishing are just some of the many activities on offer during the summer.



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Specially recommended for
Quiet escapes

Perfect for those looking for tranquility and peace, combined with stunning nature. 


Perfect for those seeking an active vacation. 


Suitable for all members of an average family. 

An opportunity of a lifetime

Meet the hosts

Torill and Erik bought Sjodalen Hyttetun & Camping back in 2014, and have run it ever since. They both have a background from the financial industry, and have usually spent their vacations hiking in the Norwegian mountains. Presented with the opportunity to run a lodge in the close proximity to five national parks, they soon decided it was the perfect fit. Torill quit her job to run the place full-time, while Erik commutes back and forth to Bergen, where he still works for an insurance company.

Their aim has always been to create a place with a welcoming atmosphere, great culinary experiences and the opportunity to share their passion for the Norwegian mountains with visiting guests. 

Doorstep adventures

There is a great trail network surrounding the campsite, which is perfect for hiking both summer and winter. Along some of the trails you can find old Norwegian folk tales you can read during your hiking adventure. 

Norway's second highest mountain: 2,465 meters above sea level
6 km 6h
Climb Northern Europe’s highest peak
6 km 6h

Rooms & amenities

The campsite has 12 affordable cabins perfect for families and friend gatherings. The more exclusive Fairytale Cabins is the perfect couple retreat. There are several shared common areas available, and hobbit-like “Gamme” (wooden teepee) has its own bar and dining area. Relax with a hot beverage or enjoy delicious meal next to the fireplace.
Local produce and majestic surroundings

Sjodalen Hyttetun & Camping has 12 affordable and charming forest cabins, and 5 fairytale cabins


The forest surrounding the campsite is a mystical place with lots of fun activities


There are several shared common areas available, and hobbit-like “Gamme” (wooden teepee) has its own bar and dining area.

Getting here

Traveling to Sjodalen
By car

Sjodalen recommends all visitors to drive a car, wether it’s your own or a rental car. There are so many one of a kind experiences and locations that are spread across the beautiful valley Sjodalen, and by car is the best way to get around.

If you arrive from another country, it's recommended to travel to Oslo Airport Gardemoen, where you can go by train to Otta or rent a car.

If you rent a car at the airport, drive north on the E6 towards Trondheim, when you arrive at Sjoa, drive towards Randsverk on the road 257 , when you arrive at Randsverk, take a left and follow road 51 towards gjendesheim, after 15 minutes you take off at the sign to Sjodalen Hyttetun and you are here.


Public transport

You can travel by train from Oslo Airport Gardemoen to Otta stasjon, where Sjodalen can arrange a transport for you to the campsite. All transport must be booked when you order your stay. Check time tables and book train tickets on: