At the core of everything we do


Developing sustainable mountain tourism for the future

Mountains of Norway's main objective is to develop adventure-based tourism in the Norwegian mountains, and sustainability is at the core of everything we do - whether it's about the use of local knowledge and produce in our adventures, or finding new ways to incorporate public transport in our itineraries. 

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Easily accessible by public transport

1.The Geilo region

The Geilo region is conveniently located along the Bergen line, half-way between Norway's capital Oslo and Bergen – the major city in the Fjord region.

2.The Valdres region

The Valdres region is very well connected by the very comfortable Valdresekspressen buses, with an average of 6-7 daily departures from Oslo and Oslo Airport.

3.The National Park region

This region, covering the northern part of the Gudbrandsdalen valley, is also very well-connected by the Dovre and Rauma railways - with the latter being a famous train ride in itself because of the amazing views along the way. 

4.Working with public transport

All our accommodations can provide shuttle services from the nearest bus or train station, and some of our adventures already include return bus or train tickets from Oslo - all the way to the doorstep.

Sustainability in practice
Local knowledge Trained and experienced mountain guides are available throughout the mountain region, regardless if you're looking for technical guiding, local history – or a combination of the two. All our mountain guides speak fluent English, and other languages may also be available on request.
Local treats The Norwegian mountain region is famous for its local cuisine and great produce, ranging from cheeses and other dairy products to greens, herbs, meats, game and craft beer. We strongly believe that great food and local tastes & treats should be a key part of any adventure.
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Longer stay, less impact We may as well admit it: We will do whatever we can to make you spend as much time as possible in the mountain region. We have so much to offer, and by combining the bucket-list adventures with local gems and other well-kept secrets, we develop our mountain tourism for the better of both guests and locals.

Certified sustainable destinations

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Our destinations are serious about sustainability, and all of them are certified as Sustainable destinations. This is a quality label for destinations in Norway, and involves a demanding process with great commitments.

Geilo was first in lineGeilo was officially awarded status as a sustainable destination in March 2016, as one of the first destinations in Norway. The label is based on a standard that sets clear demands on the destination's capacity for sustainable business and development, and requires that the destination takes care of nature, culture and the environment, strengthens social values and is economically viable.

The Valdres region was certified in 2020 and Nasjonalparkriket in 2022.

Other certificationsIn addition to the certification at the destination level, all our suppliers also take responsibility at local level. There are several certifications available for businesses in Norway, with the Miljøfyrtårn (Ego-Lighthouse) label as the most prevalent, many of our accommodations have chosen the international Green Key certification. The office of Mountains of NOrway is Eco-lighthouse certified. For more information about the different certifications, we recommend that you have a look at Visit Norway's website on sustainability.

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