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Scenic and flexible mountain cycling
Mjølkevegen cycling route

Mjølkevegen is a cooperation between multiple accommodations along a 240 km long cycling route route that runs from Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen valley to Gol in Hallingdal valley. The route have been voted as one of Norway's greatest cycling routes, and offers a wide variety of possibilities for roundtrips suitable for different target groups.

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Different options available

Go all in or pick your favorite part

The entire route from Vinstra to Gol is at approx. 250 km, and you can choose sections of the route that fits you. There are also plenty of complementary experiences available along the route; perfect if you wish to have a break from the bike seat a day or two in between. 

Our adventures

In addition to the main cycling route, there are also multiple (highly recommended) daytrips available from the different accommodations along the route.

Our services

Cycling with a little extra
Luggage transfer

Luggage transfer services are available between most of the accommodations along the route.

Local treats

All our accommodations strive to serve great meals based on local produce.

Bike rentals

Choose between touring bikes (hybrid) or electrical.

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