Hassle-free hiking in friendly terrain Explore Rondane
Multi-day hiking tour with luggage transfer
A true mountain gem

Explore Rondane is the perfect multi-day trek for those looking for friendly terrain and well-marked trails, surrounded by grand landscapes and dramatic mountains. With a total distance of 32 km, this is also a great hike for the whole family. You are likely to be joined by native birds for much of the hike – listen for the call of grouse and wild animals such as reindeer, moose and fox.

The Explore Rondane self-guided trek is a great alternative to a fully guided tour. The stages vary between 6-12 km in easy terrain, and you can forget about the hassle of carrying heavy backpacks, as the lodges will transport the luggage for you. They will even serve you traditional dinner and welcome you to warm, comfortable beds at the end of the day.

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Specially recommended for
Intermediate hikers

This is the perfect trip for intermediate hikers. 

Families with children

Suitable for all members of an average family. 

Extend your stay There are several fantastic doorstep adventures from each lodge. Feel free extend your stay and experience more of what Rondane has to offer!
Well-prepared and marked trails Walk the marked trails between each lodge independently.
All-year adventure Explore Rondane is a great all-year adventure. In the summer time, you'll hike on well marked trails and during winter time you can choose between skis and snowshoes.
Explore Rondane

Walk the marked tracks and trails between each lodge independently, with all of the time-consuming logistics taken care of – allowing you to make the most of your trip.

In addition, you have the opportunity to take day trips from all three mountain lodges on the days in between. Guided tours are also available on request if you'd like to make something extra of it.

× You can start this tour from all three lodges. Subject to capacity.
Let's go
Day 1: Øigardseter to Putten Seter Øigardseter to Putten Seter
Day 1

Øigardseter to Putten Seter

Historic Øigardseter with its protected houses and mountain pastures is the starting point of this family-friendly hike that takes you over Karihaugen to Putten Seter. In course of its 6 kilometers, the trail takes you 1260 meters above sea level to astonishing views of the mountains of Jotunheimen and Dovre. 

You enter grounds that have inspired numerous Norwegian painters, writers, and composers with its beautiful and imposing nature. It used to be dominated by mountain farms, but since the end of the 19th-century tourism has come to be one of the defining characters of the area.

Spend the night at Øigardseter Fjellstue before heading out on your hike the next day. Putten Seter also offers a…

Map & details Day 2



7.8 km/3 hrs

Elevation gain:

460 m

Difficulty level:

Day 2: Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter
Day 2

Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter

Enter the land of trolls and Norwegian fairy tales as you hike through the heather-covered landscape of the Rondane national park with its small, gurgling streams and tall, rugged mountains. From the renowned sour cream waffles of Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter situated by the shimmering lake Høvringsvatnet, you’ll enjoy panoramic views on a child-friendly trail in an easy terrain.

Both Putten Seter and Smuksjøseter offer accommodation. If you opt for the detour down to the Peer Gynt cabin you can also spend the night there.

If you are hiking the loop from Øigardseter to Putten Seter, from Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter and lastly from Smuksjøseter back to Øigardseter, there is an accommodation pa…

Map & details Day 3



10.1 km/5 hrs

Elevation gain:

460 m

Difficulty level:

Day 3: Smuksjøseter to Øigardseter Smuksjøseter to Øigardseter
Day 3

Smuksjøseter to Øigardseter

The hike from Smuksjøseter to Øigardseter gives you spectacular views and shows of the Norwegian mountains without you actually having to climb one. An elevation of around 130 meters and a child-friendly trail make the hike very popular among families. 

Along the hike you will see the rugged mountains of the national parks Rondane and Jotunheimen as you’re following the vivid stream of the mountain river, Høvringsåa. For those interested in fishing, there are several opportunities along this hike to fish for trout and other smaller fish.

If you are hiking the loop from Øigardseter to Putten Seter, from Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter and lastly from Smuksjøseter back to Øigardseter, there is an a…

Map & details



7.1 km/2 hrs

Elevation gain:

10 m

Difficulty level:



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