A snowshoe adventure through history The King's Road over Filefjell: Winter edition
Multi-day snowshoe tour with shuttle service
A historical winter adventure

Explore the award winning King's Road over Filefjell in the pure magic of winter. This historical road was the first to connect the east and west of Norway, and was in 2017 awarded with the Europa Nostra prize for cultural heritage. On snowshoes, trek between historic markets, stunning fjords and inland valleys, just as Norway’s historic ancestors did. 

On this multi-day snowshoe trip you'll have one basecamp, and make use of a daily shuttle service to the starting point of the different highlights of the route. The King's Road will give you a great taste of what this amazing area can offer, and yields the possibility to see both fjords and mountains, sample traditional local food and learn about local history and culture.

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This is the perfect round trip for active adventurers looking for the little extra. History, good food and amazing views in great combination. 


The King's Road is suitable for all members of an average family. Ask for advice about what routes will fit your family if you are uncertain. 

Quiet escapes

Perfect for those looking for tranquility and peace, combined with stunning nature. 

Hike through history The King's Road offer visitors a unique hiking and cultural experience. The road was completed in 1793, and it replaced the old bridle and packhorse track from the middle ages and the post road from the 17th century.
Guided adventures It is possible to snowshoe the King's Road both with and without a guide. Maximize the adventure with an experienced guide that will tell you all about the history along the route.
Kongevegen, Kyrkjestølen - Maristova. Foto by Sverre Hjørnevik.jpg
All-year adventure This road is a perfect all-year adventure. During summer time the authentic sections of the route are perfect trails for hiking with several add-on activities available.
The King's road over Filefjell
Day-by-day program

The King’s Road is a journey through history. The massive stone walls along the route were handbuilt by thousands of workers, forming the main road between Oslo and Bergen in the 18th and 19th century.

The 100 km route consists of four original road sections connected by secondary roads. The authentic sections make up a total of 45 km and serve as perfect snowshoe trails. If you choose Filefjellstuene as your base and make use of their daily shuttle service, you can enjoy as many of the highlights of the route as you prefer, without having to worry about your luggage along the way.

× Please note that the order of the program may vary depending on weather conditions.
Let's go
Part 1: Øye - Tyinkrysset (winter) Øye to Tyinkrysset
Part 1

Øye to Tyinkrysset

The historic road between Øye and Tyinkrysset starts at the end of the Vangsmjøsa lake by the Øye Stave Church. The trail is mainly grass and gravel and takes you from wooded inland countryside to the open mountain scenery on the Filefjell plateau.

Filefjell is a mountain village and resort with several different options on where to stay. 

  • Filefjellstuene mountain lodge serves great food and offers nice rooms and cabins.
  • There are a lot of private cabins available for rent in Filefjell through Airbnb.
Map & details Part 2



12.4 km/4 hrs

Elevation gain:

600 m

Difficulty level:

Part 2: Kyrkjestølen - Maristuen (winter) Kyrkjestølen to Maristuen
Part 2

Kyrkjestølen to Maristuen

The hike over Filefjell, from Kyrkjestølen to Maristova, takes you over the highest point of Kongevegen. The high mountain trail, above the treeline, provides incredible views of Jotunheimen and the nearby fjords. 

Map & details Part 3



10.3 km/3 hrs

Elevation gain:

340 m

Difficulty level:

Part 3: Vindhellavegen (winter)



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