Comfortable cycling in majestic nature Tour de Dovre
Multi-day cycling adventure with luggage transfer
Pristine landscape through three national parks

Collect your bike and experience the Tour de Dovre that slopes 125 km into the pristine landscape of iconic mountains and idyllic old pastures. The cycling route over Dovrefjell makes it possible to visit three national parks by bike if you take the whole route; Rondane, Dovre and Dovrefjell. Have your luggage transported and cycle from lodge to lodge, or choose to hike between some of them. Tour de Dovre gives you the flexibility to make your own itinerary, best suited for your holiday adventure.

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Musk Ox Safari Take the opportunity to join one of the famous musk ox safaris, in search of the four-legged king of Dovrefjell. Furuhaugli organizes guided Musk ox safaris in Dovrefjell. Photo: R. Brendhagen.
Moose Safari Dovrefjell Adventures offers guided moose safaris on e-bikes. You'll get to experience a bit of the Norwegian mountain and the local landscape. The route varies depending on where you can find the elks.
Horseback riding Hjerkinn Fjellstue offers riding tours on Icelandic horses, for novice and experienced riders, children and adults.
Fishing There are good fishing opportunities in the surrounding Mountain Lakes and rivers. Remember that you need a fishing license.
Visit three national parks The cycling route over Dovrefjell makes it possible to visit three national parks by bike if you take the whole route; Rondane, Dovre and Dovrefjell.
Hop on/hop off the train It's easy to get around, go by train from Oslo to/from Dovre, and enjoy the view along the way. Photo: Tore Bjørback Amblie/NSB.
Tour de Dovre
One route - many variations

Tour de Dovre gives you the flexibility to make your own itinerary, best suited for your holiday adventure.

The area offers plenty of activity options for families, with horseback riding and canoe paddling as two of the highlights among the many possibilities. There are also a wide variety of marked hikes available from the different accommodations, and it's possible to extend your stay with a night or two if you'd like to explore the mountains further on foot.

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1: Trolltun to Furuhaugli Trolltun to Furuhaugli

Trolltun to Furuhaugli

Cycling from the center of Dombås up to Furuhaugli at the Dovre Mountain Plateau (situated over 1,000 m.a.s.l.) allows you to experience the rounded peaks, wide plains, and moorlands typical of the southeastern area of Dovre. Having arrived at the staffed lodge Furuhaugli, treat yourself to traditional, locally sourced food and beer from Norway’s tiniest brewery.

The first 3.5 kilometers run uphill along a somewhat bumpy forest road. Once you reach the top, however, the landscape opens up and flattens out. You will soon reach a graveled road taking you through easy-going terrain to Furuhaugli. 

  • Trolltun offers accommodation in different price ranges, choose between cabin, hotel or hostel acco…

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15.6 km/3 hrs

Elevation gain:

400 m

Difficulty level:

2: Furuhaugli to Hjerkinn Furuhaugli to Hjerkinn

Furuhaugli to Hjerkinn

Soak up the vistas of the beautiful Vålasjøen Lake as you cycle from Furuhaugli to Hjerkinn. From Hjerkinn Mountain Lodge, it is only a short way to Viewpoint Snøhetta, where you can experience spectacular views of the famous mountain massif. Traveling along a graveled road and through flat terrain, this is an enjoyable and easy-going bicycle ride.

  • In addition to housing Norway’s tiniest brewery and a restaurant serving excellent locally sourced food, Furuhaugli offers cabin, camping and hotel accommodation. The hotel arranges musk ox safaris with authorized guides, which you can book in advance through their website.

  • The historic Hjerkinn Fjellstue has provided accommodation for travelers for…

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16.9 km/2 hrs

Elevation gain:

220 m

Difficulty level:

3: Hjerkinn to Grimsdalshytta Hjerkinn to Grimsdalshytta

Hjerkinn to Grimsdalshytta

Cycling from Hjerkinn to Grimsdalen Valley, you will pass through the picturesque landscape of Kvitdalen Valley. Take in the far-reaching views of the Snøhetta Mountain Massif and Rondane National Park along the way.

Surrounded by Dovre and Rondane National Parks, Grimsdalen Valley is a highlight. Scattered along the hillsides are mountain farms, and in summer, you will see an abundance of grazing animals. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of wild reindeer living in the national parks.

Although this is a long ride with a considerable elevation gain, the scenic landscape does make it worth the effort. Having finished the leg, reward yourself with a hearty meal at Grimsdalshytta, where…

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58.3 km/7 hrs

Elevation gain:

640 m

Difficulty level:

4: Grimsdalshytta to Toftemo Grimsdalshytta to Toftemo

Grimsdalshytta to Toftemo

Sandwiched between Dovre and Rondane National Parks, the stretch between Grimsdalen Valley and Toftemo Lodge in Gudbrandsdalen Valley is an extraordinary cycling experience. In summer, you will see an abundance of grazing animals in the mountain farm valley of Grimsdalen. Marvel at the many cultural heritage sites along the way, one of which is the St Olav’s well where you can fill up your water bottle with health-giving water.

The leg has a 150-meter long climb, which can be tough, but rest assured that this the only ascent throughout the entire day. The final 15 kilometers of the route are rewarding, featuring a downhill ride with sweeping views of the northern part of Gudbrandsdalen Valle…

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31.4 km/3 hrs

Elevation gain:

290 m

Difficulty level:

5: Toftemo to Trolltun Toftemo to Trolltun

Toftemo to Trolltun

Follow the footsteps of pilgrims and royalties as you cycle from Toftemo Lodge in Gudbrandsdalen Valley to Trolltun Lodge in Dombås, a stretch of the old main road to Nidaros (today’s Trondheim). You will experience sweeping views of the luscious Gudbrandsdalen Valley along the way.

Although this leg is only 15 kilometers long, it is tough as it ascends gradually from Toftemo to Trolltun, the total elevation gain being 330 meters. 

  • Since its opening in 1820, Toftemo Coaching Station has housed royalty, pilgrims, and wanderers on their way to the pilgrim destination of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Today, Toftemo offers hotel or cabin accommodation, as well as camping and glamping faciliti…
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15.9 km/3 hrs

Elevation gain:

440 m

Difficulty level:



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