Vestlia Resort
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Geilo's leading resort hotel
The perfect getaway

Vestlia Resort is a full service resort situated in the cozy mountain-village of Geilo, halfway between Oslo and Bergen. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, spa, family pool, bowling, children's playroom, congress hall, conference department and banquet room and several alternatives for accommodation, ranging from standard rooms to luxury penthouses.

Geilo is an accessible starting point for hiking in the mountains, whether you want to go straight from the city centre, drive or take the train to start your trip in the middle of the mountains. Take a short afternoon hike by taking the chairlift up to the National Park views, or walk across the Hardangervidda to the West Coast. After a long day in mountains; you can relax in the award-winning spa at Vestlia. This is the perfect getaway for families and friends looking for a luxurious stay in the mountains.

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Bakkestølvegen 81

3580 Geilo


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Specially recommended for

Vestlia is the perfect place to stay for active adventurers.


Suitable for all members of an average family. 

Welcome to Geilo

Varied activities

Geilo is a well known and popular resort in the mountains of Norway, and offers varied activities and events all year. Geilo is a national park village, with a prime location nestled between the Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda National Parks. This gives the Geilo area a unique natural surrounding that you won't find anywhere else. In addition, the cosy town offers a large variety of shops, cafés and restaurants.

Doorstep adventures

Vestlia Resort offers a variety of adventures right from the doorstep.

A round tour in a nice enviroment, moving in and out of the mountain forest. Escape into nature on this enjoyable day hike that takes in the landscape at around…
18 km 5h
Just northwest of Geilo lies a trail around Havsdalshovda. This enjoyable hike offers lovely views over Budalen and towards Hallingskarvet.
7 km 3h
Fun bike trail for all family
1 km 0h
Discover an easy-going roundtrip hike from Hakkesetstølen. From Geilo center up hill to get a feeling of the surounded mountains and greatness of the nature aro…
12 km 4h
Experience the stunning views from the slalom hills above Geilo. This might seems to be a short hike, but is filled with nice views.
5 km 2h
Discover a network of hiking trails close to the town center of Geilo
5 km 2h
Take a roundtrip with sweeping views for miles of the big Hardangervidda plateau. This hike takes you from Hakkesetstølen to Birgithovda (1,173 m.a.s.l.). You c…
9 km 4h
Hike along the vast Hardangervidda plains to a magnificent viewpoint
32 km 10h

Rooms & amenities

Vestlia Resort offers many alternatives for accommodation ranging from standard rooms to luxury penthouses. Most rooms have a terrace or balcony with view of the slopes, Ustedalsfjorden lake, Hallingskarvet or Geilo.
A variety of accommodations
Spa & Pool

The hotel has a spa and a family pool.


The double rooms have comfortable twin or double beds.

Fully equipped kitchen

The family suites has a living room with fully equipped kitchen.


Try the bowling lanes - great fun for the whole family.

Getting here

Traveling to Vestlia
By car

From Oslo you can drive RV 7 through Hallingdalen (219km), or drive E134 to Kongsberg and from there take FV40 through Numedal (241km). From Bergen, take RV7 along the Hardanger Fjord and Hardangervidda (239km).

Public transport

Geilo is located half-way on the scenic Bergen Line railway from Oslo, with a 4h journey to both cities. See NSB’s website for rates and timetables.


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